Didier Pleux

Handbook of Education for Parents Publication date : June 8, 2006

How should you set limits for a child? How should you go about laying down the rules that a child needs in order to grow and develop? How can you assert parental authority?
The answers provided here, based on specific examples and inspired by common sense, will give parents confidence to confront their daily educational tasks during each phase of their child’s development.
The author is concerned with:
— Issues around meals, bedtime and cleanliness
— The primary school years: How to handle the constraints of school? How to make a child respect family life and its rules?
— Teenagers: How to react to more serious conflicts concerning going out and clothes as well as dangerous forms of behaviour?
This is an indispensable book for any parent wishing to get back in touch with common sense in child-raising.

Didier Pleux, a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, is the founder of the French Institute of Cognitive Therapy. He holds a doctorate in development psychology and is the author of Peut mieux faire and De l’Enfant roi à l’enfant tyran, both published by Editions Odile Jacob.