Claude Dagens

What Are Catholicism’s Proposals for Education and Schooling? Publication date : February 22, 2007

The challenge of education for all has become a political issue in France, once again.
The contributors to this book have chosen to examine their experience in education and their reflections on the subject in the light of their Christian faith. For them, the Christian and educational vocations overlap and nurture one another — as they have throughout the long history of Christian education. What role can a Christian education that respects secularism play today, outside the limited private school sector? What message can Christianity offer within an academic context, at a time of educational crisis?
The first step is to face the current educational crisis, which in turn is the reflection of a more fundamental crisis in society and of its failure to pass on its values. Can the Christian faith and experience act as a positive force in facing the challenge of education? What principles is this force based on? What avenues should be explored?
This book concludes with a series of specific suggestions and proposals in education.

Led by Monsignor Dagens, a number of activist Christians from different backgrounds engage in a discussion on what should be the goals and the basic content of education in schools.
This book aims to overcome the opposition between state-run and privately funded schools, and between secularism and religion.

The editors

Guy Coq is a philosopher and a member of the editorial board of the review Esprit. He is the author of, most notably, Laïcité et République.
Monsignor Dagens is the bishop of Angoulême. A graduate of the Ecole Normale, he holds an agrégégation and is a former student of Rome’s Ecole Française.
Roger Fauroux is the honorary president of Saint-Gobain.
Marguerite Léna is a member of the Community of Saint Francis Xavier.