Yves Quéré

Culture Publication date : April 13, 2006

This book was compiled in homage to the moralist, writer, theologian and musician France Quéré, who died in 1995. She was the author of L’Ethique et la vie, also published by Editions Odile Jacob. On the tenth anniversary of her death, her friends and admirers re-examine an issue that was central to her thinking: culture.
What part of ourselves do we owe to culture? What obligations does culture impose on us? Where does culture lead us? What are the ties linking us to culture? How does culture help us to live?
These questions are answered here by a writer, a historian, an art historian, a geneticist, a philosopher, an astronomer, a theologian and an anthropologist. A commentary by Paul Ricoeur and several fragments, some previously unpublished, by France Quéré complete and complement their answers.

Yves Quéré, a physicist and member of the French Academy of Sciences, was formerly a professor and director of studies at the Ecole Polytechnique.
Contributors to this volume: Jean-Pierre Chauveau, François Cheng, Albert Jacquard, Philippe Joutard, Axel Kahn, Marguerite Léna, Pierre Léna, Michel Leplay, Gustave Martelet, Alain Mérot, Nicole Questiaux and Paul Ricoeur.