Dominique Rousseau, Michel Morvan

Number 5: Proof Publication date : January 1, 2003


“The time has come to destroy the dogmatic definitions of the different disciplines, to break with the logic of academic parochialism and division, and to create a terrain for exchanges among the disciplines and for reflection on their implication in social and political history. Such is the interdisciplinary dialogue that Le Temps des Savoirs hopes to propose.”
Editors in chief: D. Rousseau and M. Morvan. Contributing editors: L. Borot, E. Bury, M. Imbert, C. Michon, M. Pouchard, D. Rolland, E. Suraud, J.-D. Vincent.


As subjects of study and research have become increasingly more complex, so the role and nature of proof in the knowledge process have also been transformed. This issue offers an exploration of the most recent developments surrounding proof — that polymorphous notion that is central to all knowledge.
Contributors: Jacques Arnoult (Problems and proof concerning God’s existence), Jean-Philippe Bouilloud (Othello or the absence of proof), Jean Chavaillon (Proof in prehistory), Dominique Descote (Pascal and the problem of multiple demonstrations), Xavier Lagarde (Proof in Law), Jean-Marie Pailler (Archaeology), Richard Swinburne (Some arguments in favour of God’s existence).
An interview with Loïc Blondiaux (Opinion polls).

1. Denomination 2. Error 3. Limits 4. Codes