Peter Frumkin, Anne-Claire Pache, Arthur Gautier

Philanthropy as Strategy Publication date : January 15, 2020

Peter Frumkin is professor of social policy and practice at the University of Pennsylvania. He is Faculty Director of the Center for Social Impact Strategy and Director of the Nonprofit Leadership Program. He teaches and directs research on philanthropy, management of non-profit organizations, and social entrepreneurship.

Anne-Claire Pache is professor of social innovation and social entrepreneurship, directs the Philanthropy Chair at the ESSEC Business School. She is the author of several works on social entrepreneurship and philanthropy.
How does one make a gift to benefit the general interests of society? How can one be sure that the money one gives will have a positive impact on society? How does one form a philanthropic strategy that responds both to the desires of the philanthropist and to the needs of society? These are the questions answered in this book.

As private gifts in France are playing an increasingly important role in the financing of medical research, social action, museums, and environmental projects, the question – “How does one give well?” – becomes crucial. Yet, there are many ways to give, and not all are equally effective, socially speaking.

Very concrete, based on many true examples, this work is a practical guide aimed at philanthropists to direct them as they reflect on their strategy for giving.