Roger-Pol Droit

The Spirit of Childhood Publication date : March 15, 2017

Roger-Pol Droit is a philosopher and writer. He regularly publishes articles in Le Monde, Le Point, and Les Échos. He has published some thirty books, several of which are translated throughout the world, notably La Compagnie des philosophes (The Company of Philosophers); Dernières nouvelles des choses (Latest News of Things) and the winner of the France Television Essay Award, 101 Expériences de philosophie quotidienne (101 Experiments in Everyday Philosophy), all of which were great successes.
Following in the spirit of his very successful 101 Expériences de philosophie quotidienne Roger-Pol Droit sets out in this book to find and cultivate his spirit of childhood, by means of concrete exercises, combining reflection and memories, thought experiments and acting out situations.
Childhood is not just a period of our lives. It does not designate an age that has gone for ever: it is a permanent resource which we must learn to draw upon. It is a fundamental dimension of existence.
One must train in the practice of childhood, just as one trains to speak a language, or to practise a sport or a discipline.
A work of great originality, Spirit of Childhood sets out to help us discover these resources of childhood.