Luc Ferry, Jean-Didier Vincent

What is Man? Publication date : March 11, 2010

“The discoveries made in the life sciences over the past few years cannot be disregarded. No philosopher can now shut herself up in her ivory tower and ignore scientific results. No biologist can disregard the philosophical questions that are posed, practically every day, by his work. As a result, we have taken up the challenge here of initiating each other, and thereby the reader, in the fundamental issues of both our disciplines, and to approach one of the most crucial questions of modern thought: the status of humanity within Nature.” Luc Ferry and Jean-Didier Vincent.

Luc Ferry is a philosopher, a professor at the University of Paris-VII and the author of many works that have been published in translation in more than 25 countries. He is the author of Combattre l'illettrisme (2009), Face à la crise (2009), Pour un service civique (2008), Vaincre les peurs (2006) and Lettre à tous ceux qui aiment l'école (2003).

Jean-Didier Vincent is a member of the French Academy of Sciences and the author of, most notably, Biologie des passions (1986) and Voyage extraordinaire au centre du cerveau (2007). Other works include: Désir et Mélancolie (2006), Pour une nouvelle physiologie du goût (2000), Faust (2000), La Vie est une fable (1998), La Chair et le Diable (1996), Celui qui parlait presque (1993) and Casanova, la contagion du plaisir (1990).