Régis Debray

God, An Itinerary (Coll. Poche) Publication date : September 1, 2003

"God changed men’s lives, as well as their deaths, but his own life has also changed since his birth three thousand years ago. Both his appearance and his meaning have changed. The Almighty God of Punishment of the Hebrews is not the God of consolation and intimacy of the Christians and neither is he the impersonal cosmic energy of the New Age. We propose to reveal the events of a genesis, the junctions in an itinerary, and the cost of survival. How do we propose do to this? By scrutinising the day-to-day workings of Heaven. By pulling the spotlight away from centre stage and aiming it backstage, on the machinery of divine production, i.e. by going back from the Law to the Tables of the Law, like the idiot who, when the Chinese sage pointed the moon out to him, stared at the sage’s finger. Our goal here is to cast light on the histories of the Eternal and of the West — without ignoring some of their darker areas. We also hope to enlighten ourselves," writes Régis Debray.

Régis Debray is the author of numerous works, including Transmettre and Croire, voir, faire, published by Editions Odile Jacob, and editor of the series "Champs médiologique", also published by Editions Odile Jacob. He directs the publication Cahiers de médiologie and teaches at the University of Lyon-III. In addition, he is the president of the scientific advisory board of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Sciences de l’Information et des Bibliothèques.