Marc Augé

The Holy Week Which Changed The Face Of The World Publication date : March 9, 2016

Marc Augé is one of France’s greatest living anthropologists. An alumnus of the Ecole Normale Superieure, he chaired the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences), where he succeeded Fernand Braudel, Le Goff and Jacques Furet. As founder of the Centre d’anthropologie des mondes contemporains (Centre of Contemporary World Anthropology) at EHESS, he is particularly known for his work on supermodernity and “ideo-logic”. As an author, he is known for works including Un Ethnologue dans le metro (“An Ethnologist in the Metro”) (Seuil, 1990); Non-lieux (“Un-Places”) (Seuil, 1992); Pourquoi vivons-nous? (“Why do we live?”) (Fayard, 2003), Une ethnologie de soi (“An Ethnology of the Self”)(Seuil, 2014).

On 1 April, 2018, Easter Sunday, an icy silence falls over Saint Peter's Square in Rome.
The extraordinary news spreads like wildfire in the media and on social networks. Thus begins a mad week that changes everything, not only in the western world but also in the Middle East, affecting every country and every religion, until total victory — but victory to whom?
An astonishing story in which fiction is entwined with real-life characters: we meet Pope Francis, Michelle Obama, Yves Calvi, an elderly retired university professor, Vladimir Putin, Christiane Amanpour, a material biologist named Theo Phobe, Ruth Elkrief, Ayatollah Khamenei… 

A must-read!