Maurice Sachot

The Invention of Christ Publication date : September 29, 2011

A former teacher of patristic languages at the Faculty of Catholic Theology, Maurice Sachot now teaches educational studies at the University of the Humanities of Strasbourg.

Why did a carpenter’s son called Jesus leave his father’s workshop one day and announce that the Kingdom of God was at hand? What made his followers believe that the crucified Jesus was the Messiah? What processes led to the emergence and success of Christianity?
This much is clear: Jesus became Christ and Christianity became a religion. The history of the origins of Christianity has been written in reverse, and it needs to be revisited. By delving into the internal mediations that governed the formation and the metamorphoses of the Christian movement, this new history provides an explanation of the genesis of Christianity that calls into question the very notion of religion.

• By analysing Jesus’ social, religious and historic context, the author has developed a fruitful approach.
• A fascinating book that will enrich the reader’s knowledge of Christian culture.