Jean Daniel

The Jewish Prison Publication date : October 1, 2003

In this book, Jean Daniel recounts how he has lived his Judaism, which he sees both as a unique experience and as a source of conflict.
In this largely autobiographical work, the author delves into his own roots, examines the "Jewish question" from a personal point of view, replies to questions from various quarters, and rediscovers a religious culture that he had long ignored.
The following figure prominently in Prison Juive: the author’s school life, his father, his participation in the Free France movement during World War II, his first trips to Israel, the struggle against colonialism, and discussions about the Shoah. These events in Daniel’s life also provide the opportunity for a personal, critical look at many of the issues that continue to play a central role in today’s world: anti-Semitism, the nature of Zionism, the nature of the state of Israel, the French Diaspora, among others.

A writer and journalist, Jean Daniel is the publisher of the French weekly newsmagazine Le Nouvel Observateur. He is the author of many books, including Le Temps qui reste (winner of the international press prize), L’Ère des ruptures (winner of the French prize Aujourd’hui), De Gaulle et l’Algérie, Les Religions d’un président, L’Ami anglais (Albert Camus prize), Voyage au bout de la nation and Dieu est-il fanatique?