Jean Daniel

The Jewish Prison Publication date : September 1, 2005

In this book, Jean Daniel raises the following questions: What if the Jews believed in their own myths as strongly as they do in their history? What if they discovered that in Israel, as among the Diaspora, politics were answerable to theology?
What if they became aware that God asks of them only to be “priests and witnesses” but that they felt incapable of doing so?
How can one be a faithful member of the Chosen, that is deserve to be among the elect, and simultaneously be faithful to the Alliance, that is make Israel, as a nation, a guiding light for an exemplary people?
This is a subjective meditation on the existential and spiritual contradictions of being Jewish.

“A courageous book, which nourishes the debate about the foundations of the Republic.” Le Figaro Magazine

“Jean Daniel’s book is part of a discussion which is as old as Judaism itself. Some may even argue that it testifies to its indomitable essence.” Jean-Paul Enthoven, Le Point

A writer and journalist, Jean Daniel is the founder and publisher of the French weekly newsmagazine Le Nouvel Observateur. He is the author of many books, including La Guerre et la Paix: Chroniques 1956-2003, published by Editions Odile Jacob, in 2003.