Christophe Massin

Live In Confidence Publication date : March 23, 2016

Psychiatrist Christophe Massin has also been trained in Indian spirituality, which he combines with his therapeutic approach. He wrote Souffrir ou aimer, transformer l’émotion (“Suffer or Love: Transform Emotion”) for Editions Odile Jacob. A strong seller in bookstores, it received the 2014 Psychologies magazine prize for best essay.

For over thirty years, the author has been listening to those who cannot manage to love, commit, make constructive choices, become themselves... His training as a psychiatrist, as well as his spiritual approach based on signification, has taught him how to identify the cause of this reluctance to engage with life: psychological fear, which is sometimes aroused without any real danger. "Although supposed to keep us safe, this fear creeps up and deprives us of sleep, creates painful inhibitions, to shut us in,” he writes. It is therefore necessary to neutralize it in order to find "the firm ground of trust."
Through dialogues between a man and a woman questioning their blockages and hopes, the author shows us the mechanisms that allow us to pass from “the world of fear" to “the world of confidence," two very different mental universes.
This is a radical and meticulous experiment in which he is inviting us to take part, and his great knowledge of human strategies illuminates behavior that can sometimes be so incomprehensible that a natural desire can grow in us: a desire to change and become more serene.

An author eagerly awaited by the many who enjoyed his previous book.
A coherent style that allows us, thanks to the dialogues, to understand subtle psychological mechanisms.