Daniel Sibony

Muslims and Jews in the Arabic World Publication date : September 21, 2016

Daniel Sibony is a psychoanalyst and a scholar of both the Bible and the Koran; he reads Arabic and Hebrew. He is the author of some 40 works including "The Great Misunderstanding: Islam, Israel and the West" (2015); "Islam, Phobia and Guilt" (2013); "From Identity to Existence" (2012); "Giving Self or Sharing Self" (2006).
What is the place of Jews in the Arab world? It would be wrong to assume that this question concerns only relationships between Israel and Islam: the fate of Jews illustrates the manner in which Islam views relations with non-Muslim populations: relations which are at the heart of the most burning reality.
Taking as a starting-point an analysis of this status, from its origins to the present, is the best way to understand Islam today and to understand it according to its founding principles inscribed in the Koran. Daniel Sibony's task is therefore to address a problem that is at the same time historical, political, and geopolitical.
Running through this extremely ambitious work is a bold thesis: that the West refuses to see and to hear the truth about Islam.