Mario Bettati

The International Struggle Against Terrorism Publication date : May 30, 2013

Mario Bettati is a professor emeritus in international law at the University of Paris-I. He was an adviser to the former French Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Bernard Kouchner, with whom he initiated and promoted the ‘Right to humanitarian and environmental intervention’. He is notably the author of Droit d’ingérence and, more recently, of Droit international de l’environnement, published by Editions Odile Jacob.

Terrorism has become increasingly diverse and spectacular: reports of attacks in public transport, acts of piracy, hostage-taking make regular appearances on the evening news.
Terrorism has also become incredibly diffuse, since terrorist networks are both international and highly fragmented and scattered.
This book begins with a precise, in-depth appraisal of terrorism: nations that are affected, weapons used, training camps.
In addition, it shows that faced with a protean threat, government responses have been equally varied: legal (international and regional conventions), administrative (cooperation between police departments), customs and finance (increased financial surveillance).
But the author also underlines the fact that much remains to be done to check terrorism. And although terrorism has undoubtedly declined in some sectors, it is expanding in others, notably in Africa.

• A reference book for students and professionals (lawyers, police officers, government functionaries).
• A thorough legal, administrative and financial assessment of terrorism today.