Laurent Cohen-Tanugi

A European Strategy for Globalisation Publication date : June 5, 2008

Is the European Union still relevant in the global economy of the twenty-first century?

Some argue that the European idea is under attack on two opposing fronts — from ever-growing globalisation and from the perennial character of the nation-state. Others argue that globalisation serves only to strengthen the need for European construction: besides establishing lasting peace, a strong EU will mean that member states will carry more weight in international negotiations.

In order to reply to these arguments, it is essential to analyze the existing means and ambitions that the European Union could and should be granted.

It has become fashionable to sneer at the absence of guidelines and content in the process of European integration. Against this trend, Laurent Cohen-Tanugi offers a strategic vision for Europe which he hopes will inspire the forthcoming French European presidency.

He presents the results of the Lisbon Strategy, analyzes the challenges that will confront Europe in 2010-2020, and reflects on the “Lisbon-III packet”.

This is a powerful programme for European revival.

• The French presidency of the EU should and will be the occasion for renewed debate on European goals and objectives. Besides dealing with institutional issues, it will be called upon to make important decisions in economic and social areas. This book explains why, and shows how to implement coherent actions.

• How to breathe new life into European countries in an increasingly difficult general context? How to make Europe's social model evolve, while simultaneously furthering growth and increasing purchasing power? Today, these questions are at the heart of all political policies and debates.

Laurent Cohen-Tanugi is associated with the international law office Skadden Arps. A graduate of Harvard and of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, he is the author of Guerre ou paix. Essai sur le monde de demain (2007), Le Choc en retour (2005) and Les Sentinelles de la liberté.