Jean-Michel Fourgous

Academic Success in the Digital Era Publication date : August 25, 2011

Jean-Michel Fourgous is the deputy mayor of the French town of Elancourt. A former business leader and research engineer for France’s National Education, he is the author of numerous reports and has a doctorate in social psychology.

Why do so many children lack academic motivation? What skills does a child need in order to thrive in our digital information society? How can digital tools contribute to academic success?
This guidebook offers concrete answers and solutions. Inspired by direct experience, the author provides examples for primary and secondary school pupils, gives advice and describes some of the tricks used by teachers and pedagogues to help children succeed both in and outside school.
Enabling children to succeed in their personal, academic and professional lives is a major educational challenge — to which digital tools can contribute significantly.

• This practical guidebook is addressed to those parents and teachers who wish to give the children in their charge every opportunity.
• In addition, it suggests how to integrate digital tools intelligently to ensure academic success.
• A tried and tested method: the experimental Digital School of Elancourt (the town of which the author is deputy mayor) has obtained excellent results.