Dominique Servant

How Not to Crack Up at Work Publication date : September 16, 2010

Dominique Servant is a medical psychiatrist and the head of the Stress and Anxiety Unit at the teaching hospital of the University of Lille. A founding member of the French Association for Anxiety Disorders (AFTA), he is one of France’s top specialists on anxiety and the author of many scientific works on the subject.

What can be done, in a concrete fashion, to overcome work-related problems and to obtain professional satisfaction and fulfilment?
Some forms of daily stress that originate in a job context represent long-term health hazards. But we can react against stress. This practical guidebook shows specifically how to recognise and prevent stressful situations before they become harmful to our equilibrium and health.
The sources of stress are varied: the tasks to be accomplished, organisation, change, adapting to new technologies, relations with colleagues and with the chain of command, resentment, frustration, dissatisfaction. To counter all these situations there are appropriate forms of action that each individual can take to get a better grasp on daily situations, by developing his or her psychological and emotional resources. Certain particularly difficult situations, such as times of intense stress, burnout or harassment, require specific advice.
A number of original, innovative exercises, adapted to a professional context, show how to overcome numerous stressful situations. They offer a real arsenal to fight stress and to envisage a more serene working life.

• The strength of the “Self-help” series is amply illustrated here.
• This book shows how to identify sources of stress with precision.
• Original, innovative exercises, adapted to a professional context. For example: improving concentration, managing certain conflicts, problem solving, using “flash” relaxation.
• Recognition of stress, practical advice, a positive attitude.