André Grimaldi, Frédéric Pierru

Your Health in the Future Publication date : April 22, 2020

André Grimaldi is emeritus professor of diabetology at the Pitié-Salpêtrière university hospital, Université Paris-VI. He is the co-author (with J.-F. Bergmann, F. Chast, C. Le Jeunne) of La Vérité sur vos médicaments [The Truth about Your Medications] and (with Y. Caillé, F. Pierru, D. Tabuteau) of Les Maladies chroniques. Vers la 3e médecine [Chronic Illnesses : Entering the 3rd Medical Realm].
Frédéric Pierru is a sociologist, political analyst, and researcher at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique.
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Our health system isn’t healthy: the “always more with always less” has reduced the quality of care and has exhausted hospital staff. To this “hospital as business” crisis are added two others: that of private medicine whose model is essentially inadequate, and that, more acute, of hospital emergency rooms.

This book proposes an in-depth revolution of our health system. It involves first a return to medical treatment of the person, rediscovering the spirit of Hypocrites, and traverses modernity and new technologies, making patients true partners (“patient resources”). This treatment of the person is then combined with a health policy for populations, putting prevention at the center of all aspects of daily life. Finally, it calls for secure financial resources and the establishment of new governance between patient associations, health professionals, and the State.

Health care is much too important to be entrusted only to unelected experts and to elected officials without expertise or a mandate. Health care should be the responsibility of everyone.