Barbara Polla

A Woman First Publication date : April 27, 2012

Barbara Polla is a writer, doctor, entrepreneur, gallery owner and former Swiss politician.

“It’s true that women have won many battles, that they have taken over some traditionally male territories and forced men to let them occupy a few seats among the professional and political elites. It’s true that this battle, the battle to conquer areas that were formerly strict male preserves, has been partially won — though actually with some help from men who let themselves be trampled on more good-naturedly than is generally believed.
“And yet, it now seems that after a good start and some remarkable progress, we have entered a period of stagnation, or even of regression. Why? Without ignoring other factors, I can, for my part, discern a fundamental reason, one that it is our duty, as women, to change. And that is the image that we have of ourselves, with all that that implies: the fear of sharing the ancestral territory that we have inherited — maternity; the fear of stepping out toward greater creativity; the constantly renewed fear of autonomy,” writes Barbara Polla.

• A unique, personal and passionate approach to a fundamental question: the position of the two sexes, face to face and in the world.
• The analysis of those intimate, and not external, reasons that even today make women’s lives so difficult.
• The author urges all “liberated” women in Western societies to become more — and more — liberated.