Yves Michaud

The Algerian War (1954-1962) Publication date : August 20, 2004

What place does the Algerian War of Independence hold in the memory of the French people? How can the war be assessed? Could independence have been granted peacefully? What responsibility can be imputed to the political leaders who took the decision to use the French army in “peace-keeping missions”, and what is their responsibility in the manner in which such operations were carried out?
Forty years after the Evian Agreement, this series of lectures, under the auspices of “L’Université de tous les savoirs”, demonstrates the interest the Algerian War continues to elicit in France today.

Contributions by Raphaëlle Branche, Mohammed Harbi, Guy Pervillé, Henry Rousso, Maurice Vaïsse, Jeannine Verdès-Leroux and Michel Winock.
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