Université de tous les savoirs, Yves Michaud

Paris Publication date : March 20, 2004

Famous the world over for its monuments, architecture, haute couture and cultural life, Paris nevertheless preserves some well-kept secrets.
Ça c'est Paris! offers readers a new and original angle on the City of Light through such subjects as the city's changing population; its linguistic, political and administrative history; and even an artist's view of air pollution in Paris. This previously unpublished volume in the series “L'Université de tous les savoirs” is a collection of lectures given in October 2003.

Contributions by Jean-Marie Audry, Gérard Augustin-Normand, Pierre Beckouche, Yves Caristan, Michel Carmona, Guy Chemla, Jean-Louis Cohen, Arlette Farge, Frédéric Gaussen, Anthony Lodge, Jacques Moret, Jean-Marie Mouchel, Philippe Nivet, Frédéric Péchenard, Jacques Reda, Robert Vautard, Theodore Zeldin.