Yves Michaud

The Renewal of Scientific Observation Publication date : October 1, 2003

In this previously unpublished volume in the series "L’Université de tous les savoirs", renowned specialists in their fields enlighten the reader about the most recent developments in the techniques of scientific observation in such fields as medicine, astrophysics, climatology and even art history.

The authors address such questions as: What is a particle accelerator? What is the function of satellites? What are the most recent developments in astronomy? What developments have been facilitated by the sequencing of the human genome?

Contributions by Daniel Arasse, Pierre Bahurel, Geneviève Berger, Michel Boynard, André Brahic, Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, Vincent Courtillot, Jacques Demongeot, Alvaro De Rujula, Daniel Egret, Jean-Louis Fellous, Gilles Gaston Granger, Jean Klein, Pierre Léna, Bernard Mazoyer, Catherine Méring, Jean-Maurice Monnoyer, Jean-Loup Puget, Jean-Loup Risler, Daniel Rouan.