Gilles Mondoloni

Guide to Osteopathy Edition 2017 Publication date : June 14, 2017

Dr Gilles Mondoloni is an osteopathic physician, sports traumatologist and a physiotherapist at the Hôtel-Dieu hospital in Paris. He writes books of general interest.
Back pain, joint pain, migraine, ENT diseases, infant care, pregnancy ailments: osteopathy relieves the most common aches and pains by acting through precise manipulations on the painful areas of the body.
In some cases it means that the side effects of drug treatments can be avoided. Its holistic approach, taking care of the body to soothe the spirit, makes this gentle, effective, fast-acting, non-aggressive form of medicine increasingly popular.
Each major indication is presented in detail and complemented with practical information such as duration of the treatment and number of sessions required.
Self-osteopathy exercises, and a maintenance programme for joints, show what we can do on our own at home to keep ourselves in shape.