Gilles Mondoloni

Healing Yourself with Osteopathy Publication date : May 25, 2006

Osteopathy can relieve many common aches and pains by precise manipulation of the afflicted areas. Backache, painful joints, migraine, oto-rhino-laryngology-related diseases, infant care, minor pregnancy-related problems — osteopathy can play a positive part in all these cases. It offers an alternative way of restoring health without the side effects that sometimes result from medication. Osteopathy’s holistic approach and its respect for the individual make it a particularly effective, fast-acting, non-aggressive and non-invasive form of medicine, which is increasingly in demand.
Illustrated with numerous clinical examples, this detailed book will enable readers to understand the foundations of osteopathy. It also contains practical information on such issues as the average number of sessions and approximate length of treatment required in various cases.
Also provided here are short health and skeletal tests, for self-assessment, and a series of osteopathic exercises, so that readers can put the principles of osteopathy into practice and maintain their health resources.

Gilles Mondoloni is an osteopathic physician working at Hôtel-Dieu Hospital, in Paris. He also has a private practice in the Paris region.