Bernard Chemouny

Self-Healing with Homeopathy: A Guide to Medication Publication date : November 9, 2006

Homeopathy is now regarded as an integral part of medicine. Nearly half of all French people use homeopathy, either occasionally or on a regular basis. An effective, natural form of medicine with no side effects, homeopathy can treat many common ailments without a physician’s immediate intervention.
This practical manual and reference book on homeopathic medicine will enable readers to pinpoint, and use, the type of medication that is best adapted to their particular case. It will enable readers to self-medicate, safely and effectively, thanks to detailed information on the origin of each type of medication, its properties, the recommended forms of treatment, and indications for use and dosage.
At the beginning of the book, the author reviews everything you should know about homeopathy: principles of homeopathy, how to determine dosage, the composition of each medicine with a description of how it is manufactured, and legislation.
One section of the book is devoted to a detailed description of symptoms. By telling readers how to localise pain precisely and identify the nature of symptoms, it will enable them to find the appropriate medication quickly.
The final part of the book is in the form of a dictionary covering 250 of the most frequently prescribed homeopathic medicines.

To summarise, this highly practical manual provides the following:
— two ways of searching for information: by the name of the medicine and by a description of the symptoms
— an index with entries by name of medicine and of illness
— a glossary
— a first-aid kit of some basic homeopathic medicines
— a short guide to understanding directions for the use of homeopathic medication
— numerous useful addresses

A homeopathic physician and acupuncturist, Bernard Chemouny has a practice in the Paris region and teaches homeopathy at Hôpital Saint-Jacques, in Paris. He is, most notably, the author of Le Guide de l’homéopathie (2004) and Guide de l’homéopathie pour l’enfant (2003).