René Frydman, Philippe Bouchard

Female Chemistry: Benefits and Risks Publication date : April 21, 2006

Contraception, hormonal stimulation in cases of sterility, treatment of the menopause: from youth to old age, women spend their lives ingesting tablets containing hormones. But should they blindly follow this trend? Are there risks involved in taking hormones during a lifetime? Can those risks be identified?
Sixty years after hormones were first used to treat the menopause, forty years after the contraceptive Pill was marketed, and thirty years after the first in vitro impregnation, two physicians specialising in fertility examine and answer women’s questions about hormones and hormone therapy. After reviewing recent medical findings, they explore the various different options that are available today. Their analyses and practical suggestions will help women make informed decisions adapted to their own personal situation.
Does women’s health depend on hormones? Two eminent experts provide the necessary information to understand this important issue. Here, finally, is the truth about hormones.

Philippe Bouchard is an endocrinologist specialising in reproductive hormones. He is the head of a medical service at Hôpital Saint-Antoine, Paris.

René Frydman, a gynaecologist-obstetrician specialising in the treatment of sterility, heads a medical service at Hôpital Antoine Béclère, in Clamart, near Paris. He is the author of Dieu, la médecine et l’embryon (1997) and Ma grossesse, mon enfant (2003).