Nicolas Danchin

Heart Disease Publication date : April 20, 2012

An eminent cardiologist, Nicolas Danchin is a university professor, a hospital practitioner and the director of the Coronary Diseases Unit at Georges-Pompidou Hospital, in Paris. A pioneer in angioplasty, he is also a practising cardiologist who follows many patients suffering from coronary insufficiency.

Coronary artery disease is the most common type of heart disease — and the one that has benefited most from the medical advances of the past twenty years.
This book answers the numerous questions raised by the “disease of the century”: Is coronary artery disease hereditary? Can it be prevented? What are the risk factors? “I have angina. Is it serious?” “Do I need to take a stress test?” “What are coronarography and angioplasty?”
This complete, clear and accessible guidebook will be immensely helpful for patients and their families. Besides the sections devoted to the disease and its various treatments, the book also covers such issues as daily life and the precautions to be taken for an anxiety-free life.