Albert Najman

Creating Blood, Bone Marrow Publication date : November 13, 2019

Albert Najman, professor of hematology at Pierre et Marie Curie University, was head of the department of blood disorders at the Saint-Antoine hospital in Paris from 1986 to 2003.

Bone marrow: an unknown that you cannot do without

Often confused with the spinal cord, bone marrow is so little known that many are unaware of its existence. Is this because it is located so deeply within our bones? And yet, bone marrow produces all the cells that circulate in our blood. And blood is what keeps us alive; our life depends on it.

Beyond providing a better understanding of the functions of what are commonly called red blood cells and white blood cells, this book introduces the extraordinary organ upon which we all depend, a true factory that works for our protection and immunity. How do our bodies protect themselves from infections and viruses? How is a bone marrow transplant performed? In what cases is an autotransplant done? Today, the progress of medical treatments has been accompanied by the discovery of the functioning of bone marrow. This involves fundamental advances in the treatment of diseases that develop following deficiencies or hereditary anomalies, and also serious diseases such as leukemia or lymphoma.

This book, written by a great teacher, invites the reader to discover the dazzling series of recent discoveries and new treatments for bone marrow diseases.