Bernard Sablonnière

Hopes For a Long and Good Life Publication date : March 21, 2018

Bernard Sablonnière is a biologist and physician, professor of molecular biology at the Université Lille-II, a researcher at Inserm [French National Institute of Health and Medical Research], and a specialist in neurodegenerative diseases. He is also the author of Le Cerveau. Les clés de son développement et de sa longévité; La Chimie des sentiments, as well as the popular Les Nouveaux Territoires du cerveau.
Will science help us become immortal? Will the progress in medicine enable a prolongation of life and improve its quality? Indeed, more and more people are living to 100. And what can their example teach us? That longevity is not just a matter of genetics or biology, but that a good environment, a “healthy life” also have an influence on the speed of aging of our organism. Because what is essential is to age well: it’s not just a matter of fighting illnesses linked to age, but to live longer in good health.

Soon, targeted treatments will reduce the causes of cellular aging; the use of stem cells or 3D organs will in the near future enable us to appear younger, and even to be “repaired.” A Mediterranean diet, resveratrol, metformin, or caloric restriction: what path to choose to remain young longer?

Supported by the very latest research in biology, genetics, and neurobiology, Bernard Sablonnière offers concrete ways to live better – and longer.