Laura Arnal, Charlotte Guttinger

I Beat Lyme’s Disease Preface by Professor Christian Perronne, author of La Vérité sur la maladie de Lyme. [The Truth about Lyme’s Disease] Publication date : May 29, 2019

Laura Arnal, freelance consultant in the organization and management of Franco-German projects, and translator. She devotes part of her time to educating people like her who are afflicted with Lyme disease.
Charlotte Guttinger worked in an advertising agency and for NGOs before devoting herself to writing.

A personal account on Lyme disease.

A young 40 year-old woman, mother of three children, tells of her experience with Lyme disease. She shares her eight years of being buffeted from one doctor to another, years that saw her health steadily decline, and which led her to increasing social isolation. Until she was finally diagnosed correctly, having met the right doctor.

This true journey of a fighter, whose outcome was, however, positive, reveals the possibility of recovering a normal life. This disease, transmitted by ticks, is increasingly frequent and not always correctly diagnosed.

This inspiring story enables the reader to understand what people afflicted with Lyme disease, as well as their friends and family, have endured. And above all, through Laura’s story, it provides those afflicted advice so they will know how to make themselves understood, get help, and so they will not suffer in isolation.

Encouragement to fight to be recognized as a Lyme disease sufferer, and to receive proper medical care.