Christian Boitard

Overcoming Diabetes insulin Publication date : November 16, 2022

Professor Christian Boitard is an endocrinologist and immunologist at the Cochin Hospital in Paris and research director of the INSERM “Circulation, Metabolism, Nutrition” Institute.

Our body, a wonderful and complex machine, is made up of cells. Our body’s health is dependent on the proper functioning of these cells. Diabetes disrupts the biological equilibrium.
It upsets the fragile energy balance that enables cells to perform tasks. Those affected by diabetes can be left feeling misunderstood, as it can act silently for years before being diagnosed.
In this fascinating account, Christian Boitard pays homage to the people who have devoted their lives to understanding this illness and strived to find treatments that enable millions of people in the world to live a normal life with diabetes. None of this would have been possible without an essential discovery made 100 years ago, insulin, which paved the way for a revolution in metabolic and chronic illnesses.
Diabetes affects everyone, whether patients, family, friends or researchers. It is important to better understand diabetes, to better understand your own body.