Jean Juras, Alain Bourcier

The Perineum Dialogues Lifting the veil on perineal disorders Publication date : November 16, 2016

Dr Juras is a radiologist, specialized in women’s health examinations.
Alain P. Bourcier is a therapist who specializes in pelvic-floor therapy.
In the past, urinary incontinence was an issue affecting the elderly, generally those living in institutions. As for “organ slippage,” it too was seen as being related to aging, hard physical labour or having given birth to a large number of children.
Nowadays, female patients have changed: on average, they are now quite young. It is the same for men, who can also be subjected to urinary or sexual issues, because men have a perineum too!
Minimizing the emotional impact of these situations, which affect so many people’s quality of life, is the main purpose of this book. The other is to enable everyone to better understand the origins of these disorders and, above all, to find out about possible treatments.
What makes this book so innovative is that it brings together all sorts of pelvic-floor disorders in an unusual way: with anecdotes from daily life that portray the range of issues encountered by both women and men.