Patrice Queneau, Claude de Bourguignon

Saving the General Practitioner Publication date : October 25, 2017

Professor Queneau is a member of the Academy of Medicine, Dean of the Saint-Etienne School of Medicine, and the author of two books published by Odile Jacob Editions.: Relieving Pain (1998) and The Patient Is Not a Number (2004).
Claude de Bourguignon has been a general practitioner for more than forty years.
There are no diseases; there are only sick people! And the general practitioner is one of the only doctors who are still willing to spend a little time listening to their patients. That said, the number of general practitioners is declining every year. How did we reach this point? Why are more and more people complaining that they are not being treated as individuals? Why do general practitioners feel discredited and why are they worried about the future of their profession? Why do most incoming medical school students not want to be general practitioners? This book, written by a working physician and a professor of medicine, outlines the difficulties encountered and provides solutions for preserving this art of patient care. Among these suggestion: overhauling the system for selecting incoming medical students as well as medical training itself.