André Grimaldi, Yvanie Caillé, Frédéric Pierru, Didier Tabuteau

The Truth About Chronic Diseases Publication date : March 15, 2017

André Grimaldi is one of the most prominent French diabetologists. A professor at Hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière, he is well known to the general public as a "whistle blower". He is author of The Truth About Medication (10,000 ex)
Didier Tabuteau, former counsellor of state, occupies the health chair at Sciences Po Paris.
Yvanie Caillé is an engineer. She has lived with kidney disease since childhood and has undergone transplant surgery. In 2002 she created a blog, Renaloo, which has since grown into a very active patient association.
Frédéric Pierru is a sociologist and researcher at CNRS.
As well as 73 collaborators, doctors, nurses, patients, philosophers, psychotherapists and sociologists (list to follow)

After The Truth About Medication, Professor Grimaldi once again addresses a subject of great importance. The biggest names in French medicine meet the challenge of chronic disease
Diabetes, AIDS, cancer, neurodegenerative disease, allergies, multiple sclerosis, chronic kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson's disease, asthma, heart failure — formerly fatal or acute, these diseases have now become "chronic" thanks to medical progress.
Enormous advances in science and medicine make it possible to treat these diseases, which currently affect more than 20 million people, as long-term conditions.
This unique book brings together the greatest names in French medicine and includes contributions from many patients. Where do we stand in the development of treatments? How do we administer them? How do we manage regular medical follow-up? How to preserve patients' autonomy? What role should be played by family and carers?
This book also gives voice to patients and aims to give an understanding of chronic disease: for the patient, a new way of living with it; for the doctor, no doubt, a new way of practicing his profession.