Delphine Lhuillery, Erick Petit, Eric Sauvanet

All about endometriosis Relieving pain, curing illness Publication date : February 20, 2019

This is the first scientific and accessible book on endometriosis, this specifically female disease, which is still too little known to patients, but also to the medical profession.

You will find all the answers to the questions you are asking yourself:

- What are the signs that should alert?
- Who to consult?
- How to obtain a reliable diagnosis?
- What medications work?
- When should I have surgery?
- What are the best conditions for having a baby?
- How to effectively relieve pain?
- Why do you need to be physically active on a regular basis?
- Do we need to change the power supply?
- How to get back to a good night's sleep?

Carried by three experts who have chosen to combine their skills and explain everything in this book, the essential guide that will usefully accompany you in your daily life with the disease.

Dr Delphine Lhuillery is a pain doctor specialising in the management of endometriosis at the Oudinot clinic, the Vauban group and the Paris-Saint-Joseph hospital group. She is a co-founder of RESENDO.
Dr. Erick Petit is a radiologist at the Paris-Saint-Joseph hospital group, in charge of the women's imaging unit, and at the Italian Medical Imaging Centre (CIMI). He is the founder and head of the Endometriosis Centre in Saint-Joseph, and president of RESENDO.
Dr. Eric Sauvanet is a gynaecology-obstetrician surgeon, in charge of the gynaecological surgery department at Saint-Joseph Hospital. He is a co-founder of RESENDO.