Anne de Kervasdoué

Women and Hormonal Treatments Publication date : September 12, 2013

Anne de Kervasdoué is a gynaecologist and the author of, most notably, Questions de femmes (2004). Her other works include Jours de femme (1992) and with Dr Jean Bélaish Questions d’hommes (2003) and Pourquoi les femmes souffrent-elles davantage et vivent-elles plus longtemps? (2005).

What should one think about Hormone Replacement Treatment?
The results of a recent study correlated the drop in the rate of breast cancer with the end of the systematic prescription of HRT. Once again, the issue of HRT-related health risks has reared its head. In 2003, a U.S. study had already indicated a higher incidence of breast cancer and cardiovascular diseases among women receiving HRT.
What is the medical consensus about the polemic surrounding HRT? Should women renounce a treatment that provides relief by diminishing the problems of menopause and that has improved so many lives? Should women take HRT? If so, under what conditions? What are the benefits and risks? What is now known objectively on the subject?
Anne de Kervasdoué, a renowned gynaecologist and a recognised expert on women’s health, examines the polemic that has developed around HRT and reviews the risks and benefits of the treatment.
What is at stake is women’s health and well-being. This is a crucial issue in current health-care discussions.

• A current public health issue.

• A subject that concerns many women as they approach menopause.

• Arguments, counter-arguments: whom should one believe?