Thomas Tursz

The Medical Revolution In Cancer Treatment Story and Hope Publication date : September 12, 2013

Thomas Tursz, an oncologist specialising in virology and tumour immunology, headed the Institut Gustave Roussy from 1994 to 2010. A former professor of oncology in the faculty of medicine at Paris-Sud University, he is the author of numerous articles published in prestigious international journals. In 1992, he was awarded the Grand Prix in oncology, by the French Academy of Medicine. He was born in Krakow in 1946.

What is the current state of cancer research and treatment? Which are the most promising therapies? What hopes are there that oncology will be able to take another major step forward?
Professor Thomas Tursz is one of the greatest French oncologists. As the director of the Gustave Roussy Cancer Institute, he participated actively in research and in the conception and development of cancer care. In this book, he recounts the saga of French oncology, his personal experience as an active participant, and gives an honest description of the current state of cancer research and treatment: the avenues of hope and the expectations that exist today for cancer patients.
Advances in the biological and genetic knowledge of tumours have profoundly changed available therapies and opened up a new more finely targeted phase in the fight against cancer — that of personalised medicine, tailored to each case and implying new therapies.

• A medical revolution in cancer treatment, described here by renowned oncologist Professor Thomas Tursz.
• Real hope lies in new medications, genetic therapy and the biological study of tumours.
• The author carefully distinguishes between real and false hopes.