Anne de Kervasdoué

New Questions from Women Responses to 1001 questions that women ask about their health and their well-being, at every age in life Publication date : June 9, 2021

Anne de Kervasdoué is a gynecologist. With a great deal of clinical experience both in hospitals and in her private practice, she has always wished to inform her patients as thoroughly as possible; to that end, she has written many books on women’s health, including Questions de femmes (Women’s Questions), which was a best-seller, in France and abroad.

For a long time, being a woman assumed you knew your body well. The ability to give life is associated with specific organs and hormonal fluctuations of which women are probably all aware, but which they too often endure without always being able or knowing how to control them.

Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, women’s medicine has made spectacular progress, notably in cancerology. At the same time, women’s expectations have evolved: they want to understand in order to make their own choices. They want to control their sexuality, as well as their fertility, have children if they want, when they want, sometimes forgetting that their biological clock is ticking and it is beyond their will to control it.

Having listened to women for forty years, Anne de Kervasdoué, a gynecologist, knows their health issues, from the most trivial to the most serious; she knows what worries them and accompanies them during their lives, while their concerns evolve.

Based on the most recent scientific knowledge, this book informs and attempts to correct certain false information that circulates almost everywhere. It answers all the questions on contraception and the many recent developments in birth control, on sexuality, breast cancer, cystitis, menopause, cervical cancer, or disorders such as endometriosis, in a clear and informed way, always accessible and reassuring; here, every woman can find the specific answer she is seeking.

A book for all women, of any age, and in every situation that might arise throughout a woman’s life.