Jeanne-Marie Bréchot, Brigitte Joseph-Jeanneney, Martine Ruszniewski

Surrounding Illness The Family, the Doctor and the Psychologist Publication date : November 1, 2002

Brigitte Joseph-Jeanneney lived through the trauma of her husband’s death from lung cancer, preceded by a six-year struggle filled with hope and despair. She knows the pain of searching for the right words to say — and of being unable to utter them. Several months after her husband’s death, Joseph-Jeanneney spoke to the doctor that had cared for her husband during those long years. Together, assisted by an understanding psychologist, they decided to review their common experience. This book is the result of their conversations. The serious illness of a loved one is a painful experience not only for the patient’s family, but also for his or her doctor. This book is a spontaneous and moving three-way discussion. The three authors — all women — refrain from theorising and refuse to provide “recipes” for dealing with pain. Instead, they share with the reader their questions and doubts, as well as their convictions and certainties. Should the entire truth be told? Must one know everything? Should one prepare for mourning? Surrounding Illness - The Family, the Doctor and the Psychologist will help those faced with serious illness to respond as best they can, to remain hopeful and to see more clearly.

Brigitte Joseph-Jeanneney is a general inspector of social affairs.

Jeanne-Marie Bréchot is a thoracic cancer and lung specialist at the Hôtel-Dieu hospital, in Paris.

Martine Rusniewsky is a psychologist working with patients in the palliative care ward at Hôpital de la Salpetrière, in Paris.