Jacques Saglier

Women and Breast Cancer Publication date : March 20, 2005

In France, one out of nine women suffers from breast cancer, and the risk of contracting the disease increases with age.
Screening and treatment have greatly improved the prognosis.
Although many women are now well informed, they often have specific questions for which they require answers: At what age should a woman have a mammogram? What are the relative benefits of surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy? How long after the removal of a tumour can reconstructive breast surgery be undertaken?
Doctor Jacques Saglier gives a series of recommendations that will enable women to anticipate the risks of breast cancer. Besides evaluating the different forms of treatment available and their suitability in each specific case, he reviews recent research and explains new forms of treatment in a clear, accessible manner. Readers will find answers here to all their questions — whether general or intimate — on the subject of breast cancer.

Doctor Jacques Saglier is a surgeon specialising in cancerology and in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. He practises in Paris.