Yves Bokobza

The Latest Eye Surgery Myopia, Cataracts and Glaucoma Publication date : February 20, 2005

During the past two decades, great progress has been made in the treatment of eye disorders:
• 400,000 cataracts are operated every year in France. During surgery, the natural magnifying lens is replaced with an artificial lens. This type of cataract operation is quicker and simpler than traditional surgery and has greatly cut down on the required length of hospitalisation and on post-operative complications. Cataracts are an inevitable consequence of the ageing process.
• Myopia can now be corrected by laser surgery. This has enabled many nearsighted patients to dispense with glasses and contact lenses.
• Macular deterioration, a frequent cause of blindness in old age, results from the ageing of the retina. Macular deterioration can also be treated and prevented with laser surgery.
• Microsurgery can now be used to relieve glaucoma.
This book provides a complete survey of recent advances in the treatment of visual disorders. It is an important work since the sooner these disorders are treated, the greater are the chances of success.

Dr. Yves Bokobza is an ophthalmologist and associate professor specialising in eye surgery, particularly to correct myopia. He works at the Hôpital Ambroise-Paré, in the Paris region. He is the author of L'Œil en questions (Flammarion, 1993) and Myopie, la révolution chirugicale (Auzou, 1999).