Yves Pouliquen

The Revolution in Eye Surgery the Journey of a Great Surgeon Publication date : January 31, 2018

An internationally recognized specialist in ocular surgery, Dr. Yves Pouliquen is the author of several books, including La Transparence de l’oeil (winner of the Prix mondial Cino del Duca); Le Geste et L’Esprit; Un oculiste au siècle des Lumières; and Les Yeux de l’autre.
Yves Pouliquen, member of the French Academy, is one of the most eminent ophthalmologists, internationally renowned specialist in ocular surgery, having participated in the perfecting of operations for myopia, glaucoma, cataracts, retina, and corneal transplants. In this book he looks back on his exceptional career, one that paralleled the greatest period of progress in French medicine.

He, himself, states that “in the 1960s he approached an ophthalmology that was still widely inspired by the nineteenth century” and 50 years later he left it, having completely revised his ways of thinking, practicing, and envisioning medicine.

More than the story of a life, combined with that of the history of medicine in the twentieth century, this book reveals a human and scientific adventure, a revolution in medicine, in which eye surgery was invented anew, with advances that, as Yves Pouliuquen tells us, required “creativity and engagement, faith and discipline.”