René Frydman, Julien Cohen-Solal

My Pregnancy Publication date : February 14, 2008

This manual covers pregnancy from the expectant mother's first queries to the baby's birth. It answers questions that arise at each stage of pregnancy concerning the baby's development, medical examinations, a new lifestyle, and the mother's health, eating habits and minor worries. Professor René Frydman, a pioneer in reproductive medicine, has followed thousands of women through their pregnancies, and then delivered their babies. In this book, he draws on his experience and accompanies the expectant mother through the stages of her pregnancy, counselling her on her habits, responding to her concerns, and helping her understand what is happening to her.

His goal is to help women enjoy their pregnancies and to prepare them for their babies' birth.

This book has been thoroughly revised and updated since the earlier edition.

• Besides providing information on recent scientific research, the author offers readers the benefit of his extensive experience as an obstetrician who has accompanied many pregnancies.

• The book covers a variety of topics: pregnancy, the maternity clinic, giving birth, the baby, and adjusting to life at home with the new baby. It considers such questions as: when to seek medical attention, lifestyle changes to accommodate the new baby, how to involve the father and the other children, how to prepare for the birth and the arrival of the new baby.

• The practical information has been entirely revised and checked. It includes: how to declare the child's birth, administrative procedures, maternity and paternity leave, social aid and family assistance, useful addresses.

• The new layout makes the book more accessible and easier to read.

This is a perfect book to help new mothers off to an easy, peaceful start.

Professor René Frydman, a gynaecologist-obstetrician and the head of Maternity at Hôpital Antoine-Béclère, in Clamart, a Paris suburb, is known for the birth of France's first test-tube baby, Amandine. He was formerly a member of the French National Ethics Consulting Committee and of the National Human Rights Commission. He is the author of Ma grossesse, mon enfant and Dieu, la Medecine et l'Embryon, and the co-author (with P. Bouchard) of La Chimie féminine.