Pierre Joly

The Medication of the Future Publication date : February 19, 2009

Pierre Joly, a research scientist in pharmacology, has held numerous positions of responsibility in the pharmaceutical industry. The honorary president of the Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale, he is a member of the Académie de Pharmacie, the Académie de Medecine and of the Conseil Economique et Social.

This is a critical assessment of the pharmacological revolution of the past forty years, written by an insider and active participant, as we stand at the threshold of a second revolution that promises to give us more new medicines.
What were the twentieth century’s most noteworthy pharmaceuticals? What is the current situation in a country like France? Do scientific researchers have the means to make further progress? Do we consume too much medication? Is the French pharmaceutical industry equipped to face future challenges? Does the French State fulfil its role?
Once celebrated for improving health, medication is now generally decried: we consume too many pills that have little or no effect; medication is too expensive; it raises too many false hopes; business interests play too great a part, sometimes at the cost of public welfare.
Written by a professional in the field of pharmacological research, this candid, uncensored account will enable us to understand the health, economic and even political issues at stake in medication policies today.

Are pharmaceutical companies manipulating our health? What can we really expect from ongoing research? What hopes does it offer? What can be done?
France was a leader in pharmaceutical research for many years. Has its position declined? As a major consumer of medication, what can the French do to retain their position in the industry?
With his experience, expertise and thorough knowledge of the economic and political stakes Pierre Joly is especially qualified to reply to these questions.