Denis Vincent

Asthma New Edition Publication date : October 1, 1999

In France alone, there are about two million sufferers from asthma, and every year two thousand of them succumb to the disease. Asthma, which is often caused by allergies, is a particularly stressful respiratory disease since severe asthmatic crises can result in suffocation. In Asthma, the author describes recent medical research and the latest developments in ways of treating asthma. He discusses the day-to-day difficulties encountered by asthmatics and the solutions that can be found through dialogue and communication with their physicians. Asthmatics are no longer doomed to a life of suffering. Today, asthma can be treated and eventually forgotten--but only if sufferers take the trouble to understand their disease.

"This little book will help demystify an illness that can be highly stressful; it should also encourage an easier form of dialogue with the patient's doctor."

Impact Médecin

Denis Vincent is an allergist and practising physician who combines basic research with clinical practice. He specialises in the study of asthma and the treatment of asthmatics.