Michel Craplet

Consume with Moderation Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse Publication date : May 25, 2005

Is it possible to consume alcohol with moderation? How can you judge if you are particularly sensitive to the effects of alcohol? What amount of alcohol consumption makes someone an alcoholic? What can be done to recover normal drinking habits after consuming alcohol abusively?
Dr Michel Craplet replies to these questions after first explaining the effects and dangers inherent in the excessive consumption of alcohol.
The information provided here is designed to help end alcohol abuse. The author describes in detail the changes that alcohol abusers must make in their daily lives and in their relations with others to become free and to overcome their drinking problem. And he tells their family and friends how to help them in their struggle.

Michel Craplet is a psychiatrist specialising in alcohol abuse and an affiliate physician of France’s National Association for Alcohol Prevention. He is the author of Passion alcool, published by Editions Odile Jacob.