Réginald Allouche

The Love of Sugar and the Risk of Diabetes Publication date : October 10, 2013

Réginald Allouche is a diabetologist physician with an interest in pharmaceutical research for the prevention of obesity and diabetes.

How does an early fondness for sugar and its overconsumption damage our bodies, at first reversibly and eventually permanently?
Researchers have identified a state known as pre-diabetes, which can be detected before diabetes manifests itself. Since this state is reversible and treatable, it is now possible to prevent the onset of non-reversible type 2 diabetes, a serious global disease that affects rich and poor alike.
A number of simple measures taken early, during the pre-diabetes phase, can keep the disease from developing. Through several specific, representative cases, the author shows how to recognise the first signs of pre-diabetes. He also provides a number of dietary and lifestyle rules to bar the development of this rampant disease.
Finally, he undertakes a broader examination of our relation to sugar. Far from diabolising sugar, he shows that we must learn to consume it intelligently instead of being overpowered by it.

• Included here is a simple quiz to help readers know and understand how they relate to sugar.
• Ten dietary rules offer guidelines for a healthy daily lifestyle, to avoid or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes.
• An overview of new treatments under development and how they may impact public health.