Dominique Servant

Anxious Children and Adolescents How to help them thrive Publication date : October 5, 2005

All children and teenagers are prone to fears — of monsters, of seeming ridiculous in the eyes of others, or of not “measuring up”. Fears are part of a child’s normal development.
Various troubles may cause stress: problems at school, parental divorce, an unhappy romance, illness, or the death of a loved one. But anxiety can sometimes become excessive. When should it be considered excessive? How can the following be recognised and overcome: separation anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and school and social phobias? What forms of treatment are available?
Without making parents feel guilty or alarming them, Dominique Servant gives explanations and straightforward advice to help parents communicate with and reassure their children. He also tells parents how to help their children overcome fear and anxiety and deal with stressful events.
The situations described here cover a wide range — from the most banal to the pathological — and they concern all children.
This highly accessible book contains practical advice for each specific case and situation and provides a positive, reassuring message: an overly anxious child can develop and grow and become a happy human being.

Dominique Servant, a psychiatrist, is the director of the stress and anxiety consultation at the University of Lille's teaching hospital and the director of studies of the medical faculty. A founding member of the French Association for Anxiety Disorders (AFTA), he is one of the best French specialists on anxiety and the author of several works on the subject, including Soigner les phobies sociales (2002), Soigner le stress et l’anxiété par soi-même (2003) and Gestion du stress et de l’anxiété (2004).