Charles Martin-Krumm, Ilona Boniwell

Motivated Adolescents The Benefits of Positive Psychology Publication date : October 7, 2015

Charles-Martin Krumm is a senior lecturer in the teachers’ college of Bretagne (Rennes), the vice president of the French and Francophone Positive Psychology Association, and a member of the steering committee of the European Network of Positive Psychology. He has an agrégation in physical education.

Ilona Boniwell is a lecturer in Positive Psychology at the University of East London and the founder and programme leader of the first MSc in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) in Europe. She founded and was the first Chair (2001-2002) of the European Network of Positive Psychology.
She has a PhD in psychology and is a qualified coach and educational consultant.

‘An education based on the advances made in positive psychology would enable the development of the skills needed for the optimal functioning of children, adolescents and students, as well as of parents, in an academic setting,’ state the authors with conviction.
And in this book they prove it. Beginning by exploring the various scientifically validated avenues that allow us to understand the mechanisms underlying pupils’ well-being at school, they go on to describe the behaviour that enhances well-being: reinforcing hope, developing skills that give access to happiness and creativity; training in intrinsic motivation and in self-determination…
This book is the bible of anyone who wishes to establish the foundations of a truly fulfilling but also constructive education so that children can develop to their fullest potential.

• This book will help parents and teachers establish new forms of educational behaviour to draw out and enhance children’s abilities.
• This is an excellent synthesis of all the studies in positive psychology relating to education.
• Day-to-day teaching skills, based on scientific studies.